BREAKING: Woman Rescued After Falling Off Cruise Ship

A British woman has been pulled out of the sea alive 10 hours after falling from a cruise ship off the coast of Croatia. The unnamed woman, who is reportedly 46, was taken to hospital in the city of Pula and is in stable condition.

She fell from the Norwegian Star cruise ship about 95km (60 miles) off Croatia’s coast late on Saturday night. A rescue ship found her swimming not far from where she was believed to have fallen.

The woman gave an interview to the news service HRT and said, “I was in the water for 10 hours, so these wonderful guys rescued me.” The rescue ship’s captain, Lovro Oreskovic, said that she was exhausted. The circumstances of the incident are being investigated.

Source: British woman ‘lucky to be alive’ after falling from cruise ship and surviving 10 hours in Adriatic Sea

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