Backstreet Boys Concert Postponed After Storm Causes Injuries

More than a dozen people waiting for a Backstreet Boys concert were injured in Oklahoma on Saturday when severe weather took down an outdoor concert entrance structure, according to the casino where the event was to be held.

Earlier, nearby lightning prompted officials around 5 p.m. to start evacuating attendees. According to a statement released by the casino, “about 150 patrons who were standing in line for the Backstreet Boys concert did not heed staff’s warnings.” Strong winds from the storm “knocked over the concert entrance trusses.”

Fourteen people were injured and received care onsite before going to nearby hospitals, according to the statement. Two individuals have since been released. Nick Carter, one of the members of the group, tweeted that he was “praying” for wounded concertgoers.

Source: At least 14 fans at Backstreet Boys concert injured as storm rolls through | WGN-TV

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