Sex Toys Cause Closure of German Airport Terminal

Various sex toys, including a vibrator, were mistaken for a bomb, causing a partial closure at Berlin’s Schonefeld Airport on Tuesday. Employees at the airport were conducting routine X-rays of luggage when they spotted “suspicious content in a luggage piece,” according to the federal police in Berlin.

Because it was unclear from the initial scan what the bag contained, an alert was issued shortly before 11 a.m., resulting in the closure of the airport’s D terminal while police investigated the suspicious items. The owner of the bag was called over the airport speaker system and eventually talked to police about his luggage.

The man was reluctant to properly explain the contents of the bag, according to a federal police spokesperson, saying instead that his luggage contained “technical stuff.” After an hour-long investigation involving a bomb squad, authorities eventually determined that the items were sex toys.

Source: Sex Toys Mistaken for Bomb Cause Partial Closure of Berlin’s Schönefeld Airport

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