Man Gets Turned Away from Polling Station due to “Make America Great Again” Hat

A man was incorrectly turned away from a Northland, Missouri, polling station due to the “Make American Great Again” hat that he was wearing.

Missouri law states that no political hats pertinent to an election can be worn within 15 feet of a polling station. The man, a democrat, showed up to the polling place with the red MAGA hat while slightly inebriated. After officials told him he could not wear the hat, he became belligerent and had to be escort out by police.

After the incident, he contacted the Secretary of State’s office, who informed him that he had broken no law, as the MAGA hat did not pertain to the current election. He was told that he was free to return to the polling station, which he plans to do. He also apologized for his behavior at the polling station.

Source: Northland man told he can’t vote while wearing his MAGA hat | The Kansas City Star

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