C-SPAN Alerts FBI to Caller Who Made Apparent Threats to CNN Hosts

C-SPAN said it reported to the FBI one of their callers for making “what seemed to be a threat” directed at CNN hosts Brian Stelter and CNN anchor Don Lemon.

During an “open phones” segment of C-SPAN’s “Washington Journal” series on Friday morning, the network said a viewer who claimed to be from State College, Pennsylvania, called in to discuss the media.  In the statement, C-SPAN said that the caller made “specific references” to Stelter and Lemon and “ended his call with what seemed to be a threat directed to the two journalists.”

The network also said it reported the incident later on Friday and “all relevant information to the FBI” and “cooperated fully” with CNN security officials subsequently.

Source: C-SPAN reports caller to the FBI after on-air threat to shoot CNN’s Brian Stelter and Don Lemon – SFGate

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