New Ebola Outbreak – ONGOING COVERAGE

Welcome to AlBoeNEWS’ coverage of a new outbreak of Ebola in the Democratic Republic of the Congo. This will be the home to our coverage as the story develops. Check back regularly for the latest.


August 5, 2018

12:49 a.m. ET: According to the New York Times, international health officials say the risk of global spread in this outbreak is currently “low.”

12:34 a.m. ET: It is expected that the DRC will attempt to begin using the Ebola vaccine that has been developed in the coming week. We’ve seen reports that indicate that there is some fear that it may not work as well with this outbreak.

12:30 a.m. ET: There is a level of fear among this outbreak in particular, as it is taking place in a war zone. (source)

According to Axios, “The new outbreak poses a “high” local and regional threat, the WHO stated Friday, and doctors are facing a challenging setting for responding to this illness due to armed conflict in the area.”

12:23 a.m. ET: The latest outbreak comes just weeks after the World Health Organization declared the end to another Ebola outbreak in the country.

The death toll in the current outbreak is believed to stand at 33 people, according to the local health ministry.

Of those, many are still suspected cases that are awaiting laboratory confirmation.

Although the two outbreaks were close in timeframe, health officials say they do not believe they were connected.

“So far, 879 people who came into contact with Ebola patients have been identified, the ministry said.” (source)


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