BREAKING: Man Accused of Murdering Son-in-Law and Daughter’s Friend in “Honor Killings”

Ali Irsan of Houston, Texas, has been found guilty of murdering his son-in-law and his daughter’s friend in two “honor killings.”

Against his attorney’s urging, Irsan took the stand during the trial, vehemently denying that he had anything to do with the murder. During the questioning, he explained that he wanted his daughters to focus on schooling, not boyfriends; “We’re Muslims. It’s very important that a girl is a virgin before marriage.”

“I told them never to let your hormones control your future, you control your hormones,” he said, explaining why he wanted his daughters to focus on school. He said he told at least one daughter that “her education is more important than her social life.”

The murders allegedly came after his daughter ran away with a christian man, which reportedly made Irsan feel as though his family had been dishonored. He admitted to repeatedly coming to their residence, and even talking to her daughter’s lover’s twin-brother.

Source: Man found guilty of murdering son-in-law and daughter’s friend in ‘honor killings’ |

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