Couple Taunts Daughter With Food Before Her Death

Prosecutors will seek the death penalty against a couple in Utah accused of taunting their malnourished 3-year-old daughter with food before she died. Twenty-five year old Miller Costello and 23-year-old Brenda Emile are accused of recording videos of themselves taunting Angelina Costello before her July 2017 death.

The couple was arrested after police received a 911 call on July 6 reporting the girl was not breathing. She had been dead for some time when police arrived. “She had bruising, contusions, lacerations, burns, open sores and abrasions all over her face, hands, legs, head and neck.”

Emile allegedly admitted to covering the child in makeup to conceal some injuries “so they didn’t look as bad.” If the couple is convicted, prosecutors would push for capital punishment in a separate sentencing hearing.

Source: Death penalty sought for parents accused of killing daughter, covering her in makeup

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