Woman Falls From Mount St. Helens

A woman survived after falling down hundreds of feet while climbing on Mount St. Helens.

Brittany Fintel, 32, was hiking when she fell around 300 to 500 feet from the monitor ridge climbing route on Mount St. Helens after losing her footing on snow and ice Saturday morning. The Navy veteran said she really thought she was dead the moment she slipped.

“The first thing that hit the boulder was my hip,” Fintel said. “Then I flipped over that and hit my head, and then kept literally rolling down until I naturally stopped. I didn’t have [the] proper equipment for the ice — didn’t have an ice pick to do self-arrest.” When the search and rescue team got to her, they radioed for medical assistance.

She suffered a broken hip, a concussion, and deep lacerations. She’s expected to remain hospitalized for a few days.

Source: Woman falls 300 feet off Mount St. Helens – WKBT

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