Woman Stung Hundreds of Times by Swarm of Bees

A woman was attacked by thousands of bees and stung hundreds of times on Monday in Southern California.

 The woman and two firefighters were transported to a hospital. The woman was “stung hundreds of times transported to a local hospital in critical condition,” the Orange County Fire Authority said. Fire Capt. Tony Bommarito said the woman’s face was covered with bees when firefighters arrived. He said bee experts estimate the hive held at least 30,000 bees.

Firefighters used a carbon dioxide fire extinguisher to help stop the attack.  Bommarito said the woman was attacked on her way to her car as she left a house in Lake Forest, California, where she was working as a housekeeper. The bees’ hive was hidden by bushes.

The woman is expected to survive, according to the family. The firefighters were treated and released, a statement said.

Source: Woman stung 200 times after being swarmed by thousands of killer bees expected to survive – ABC News

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