The mother of a 1-year-old girl has been charged in connection to the girl’s death when she fell through a hole in the floor of her Detroit home. The girl drowned in water in the basement.

Ca’mya Davis died July 6 in the basement of the family’s home. According to police, the baby’s mother, Dasiah Jordan, left the house to get her hair done. She left her baby along with her 10-year-old in the care of babysitters who were on their way to the home.

Last Friday, a week after Ca’mya’s death, the Wayne County Prosecutor filed involuntary manslaughter charges against Jordan. The Wayne County Prosecutor also charged 28-year-old Tonya Peterson with child abuse. Peterson shares the address with the Jordan. She left the house that night and told police that babysitters were on their way when she left. During the time with no adults in the home, Ca’mya found a hole in the floor which Jordan says is typically covered.

She was found in the basement of the home, which was filled with garbage floating in the filthy water which was at least six inches high. The mother says that she was staying at the home temporarily and had nowhere else to go.

Source: Detroit mom faces charges after baby drowns in standing water


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