Florida Man Accused of Trying to Burn Down Condo to “Kill all the F***ing Jews”

A man from Miami Beach, Florida, has been arrested for plotting to burn down a condo, which he says he was doing to “kill all the f***ing Jews.”

Walter Stolper, 72, was stopped by police after they saw him trying to dispose of multiple gasoline containers. Officers reportedly smelled the strong odor of gas and say that they may have been “minutes from a potentially deadly situation.” Stolper had demonstrated aggression towards the condo’s residents in the past and was recently evicted.

“Inside of the unit, we found Nazi reading material as well as a swastika. This again is a very, very, very dangerous individual. Our detectives also seized two firearms,” said a law enforcement official.

Source: Man Accused Of Plotting To Burn Down Condo, “Kill All The Jews” « CBS Miami

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