Travis Pastrana to Attempt Three of Evel Knievel’s Famous Stunts LIVE on Television

Travis Pastrana will attempt three of daredevil Evel Knievel’s stunts on Sunday night on the History channel during a live 3-hour broadcast.

The jumps, which will take place in Las Vegas, will include “an infamous jump that nearly cost [Knievel] his life.”

“Using a motorcycle similar to Knievel’s, Pastrana will attempt to break his jump records of 50 cars and 14 buses, which he established in 1973 and ’75, respectively. Then he will undertake the jump of the fountains at Caesars Palace. When Knievel attempted this in 1967, he wound up crashing and being hospitalized for more than a month with a crushed pelvis and femur, multiple fractures and a concussion. Though it nearly killed him, the stunt also earned him worldwide fame.” 

Source: Travis Pastrana re-creates three Knievel jumps on History’s ‘Evel Live’

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