Rite Aid Stores Blast Barry Manilow Music To Keep Out Panhandlers

Several Rite Aid stores in Southern California are playing Barry Manilow music specifically to deter transients. Stores in Hollywood, Long Beach, and San Diego are among those blasting Manilow’s music outside their entrances to keep panhandlers away and it appears to be working, according to social media posts.

Record producer John Fields captured the ambience in a YouTube video shot outside a Rite Aid store at Sunset and Gower, where he says the “best of Barry Manilow cranks through the parking lot PA system.”

It wasn’t immediately clear whether the Manilow deterrent would be used at other Rite Aid stores across the country.

Source: Rite Aid Stores Blast Barry Manilow To Deter Panhandlers, Vagrants « CBS Los Angeles

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