Manson Family Killer Denied Parole on Appeal 

Manson Family killer Leslie Van Houten was denied parole on appeal on Friday. A Los Angeles judge issued a ruling that rejected the writ of habeas corpus she filed last January seeking immediate release.

Van Houten, 68, filed the writ just days after California Gov. Jerry Brown vetoed her recommended parole for a second time in a matter of years.

“Petitioner’s crimes terrified a generation and remain imprinted on the public,” Judge William C. Ryan wrote in his ruling. “If any crimes could be considered heinous enough to support a denial of parole based on their circumstances alone years after occurrence, they must certainly be the crimes perpetrated by the Manson Family,” he wrote.

“While petitioner may someday be suitable for parole,” he wrote, “it is not yet that day.” Van Houten’s lawyer Rich Pfeiffer said he planned to continue the appeal.

Source: Manson Family killer Leslie Van Houten denied parole on appeal – NY Daily News

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