Elementary School Teacher Arrested After Trying to Hypnotize Students, Forcing them to Call him “Master”

A 39-year-old elementary school teacher in Hummelstown, Pennsylvania, has been arrested after he tried to hypnotize several female students.

James William Mentzer would reportedly pull 5 different female students from their classes to come to his classroom for a “special project.” He would then have them read stories, using a giraffe, while recording them. During the recording he would also try to hypnotize the children using a necklace, having them repeat phrases as he swung it in front of them.

After pulling them from the class, Mentzer would also force the children to recite an oath to him, calling him “master” and that they would obey him. At one point he also rubbed the arm and leg of one of the students, distracting her by asking her to look at various items around the room.

Source: Teacher Accused of Trying to Hypnotize Students, Forcing Them to Call Him ‘Master’ | WNEP.com

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