Rapper Attempts to Have Blind Woman, Seeing-Eye Dog Removed From Plane 

Rapper Ty Dolla $ign was recorded allegedly trying to get a blind woman moved from her seat on an Air Canada commuter flight on Saturday because he said he was allergic to her seeing-eye dog.

The musician was reportedly flying from Montreal to Ottawa in Canada for the Escapade Music Festival, where he was performing.

TMZ reported that before the 40-minute flight,  that Ty and the person he was traveling with approached the blind woman and tried to have her and her dog removed from the plane. Air Canada staff asked Ty if he had gone to the medical assistance desk to report his allergy. The rapper said he had not.

The airline offered to move Ty to the back row of the flight, which was empty, but he refused that as well. The woman had priority over her seat and was not moved.

Source: Rapper Ty Dolla $ign tried to have blind woman, seeing-eye dog moved on plane because of allergies | Fox News

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