Burger King Pulls World Cup Ad Promoting Sex With Players 

Burger King has apologized for an online ad offering burgers to Russian women who get impregnated by soccer players during the World Cup the country is hosting. The promotion on the global fast food chain’s social media account suggested Russia could benefit from some good “football genes.”

“As part of its social responsibility (campaign), Burger King is offering a reward to women who get impregnated by football stars,” said Burger King. Every woman will get three million rubles (around $45,000) and a lifetime’s supply of Whopper burgers. Women who manage to get the best football genes will ensure Russia’s success in future generations.”

Burger King removed the ad and tried to make amends after a furor erupted on social media and in international media. “We apologize for our statement. It turned out to be too offensive,” Burger King said.

Source: Burger King pulls Russia World Cup ad promoting sex with players – CBS News

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