BREAKING: Rapper Arrested in Atlanta, Georgia, After Police Chase

Rapper Jim Jones was arrested in metro Atlanta, Georgia, after being involved in a brief police chase.

The SUV was first stopped after it was observed swerving in-between lanes on the highway. Police say that during the traffic stop, the car was filled with smoke and the smell of marijuana.

Four people inside the car were told to exit the vehicle and put their hands above their heads. Police searched the car and found a backpack in the backseat that contained 23 Oxycodone pills, a Titan .25 caliber pistol with seven bullets in the chamber, marijuana, a Ruger SR 9mm handgun reported stolen in March, another backpack that contained a variety of Oxycodone, Percocet and THC oil, a passport, and $148 in cash.

Source: JIM JONES ARRESTED: Rapper Jim Jones arrested in Coweta County after brief police chase | WSB-TV

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