A child in Elmore County, Idaho, is recovering after getting infected from plague, CBS affiliate KBOI reports. The Central District Health Department says it’s unclear if the child was exposed to the disease in Idaho or during a recent trip to Oregon.

The department says there have only been 10 cases of plague involving people in both states since 1990. It’s just the fifth case of plague in Idaho since 1940. The boy is recovering after being treated with antibiotics, KBOI reports. The health department says he doesn’t pose a risk to others.

The bacterium that carries the various types of plague, Yersinia pestis, has been responsible for millions of deaths over the course of human history. In the 14th century, nearly two-thirds of Europe’s population was wiped out by the disease during the Black Death.

Plague has been largely eradicated in North America but is still found naturally in the western U.S.

Source: Idaho boy recovering from rare case of plague – CBS News


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