Nine-Year-Old Girl in Rehab After Becoming Addicted to Fortnite

A nine-year-old British girl is in rehab after becoming so addicted to a video game she wet herself to avoid moving and hit her father when he tried to stop her playing.

The primary school pupil became obsessed with Fortnite, which were downloaded more than 40 million times since it was launched last July.

She would secretly play the survival shooter game during the night and didn’t even get up to use the toilet because she couldn’t get herself away from the screen. The girl, who is now in intensive therapy to combat her addiction, would play for up to 10 hours a day.¬†Worn out from all-night sessions, she dozed off at school.

She even lashed out at her father when he tried to confiscate her Xbox gaming console.

The World Health Organisation has classified playing video games on the internet as an official mental health disorder.

Source: Girl in rehab after becoming addicted to video game Fortnite | Daily Mail Online

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