Teenager Dies After Penis Bitten Off by Shark 

An 18-year-old Brazilian boy who had his penis bitten off by a shark has died.

Jose Ernesto da Silva was swimming with his brother and friends off Piedade Beach, near Recife in Brazil, when the attack happened. Lifeguards had warned him to swim closer to the shore just before he was attacked.

A spokesman for the Recife Fire Department said Jose was swimming in deep water despite signs warning of shark attacks. Horrified beach-goers pulled him from the surf and tried to stop the bleeding until medics arrived.

The boy suffered two heart attacks in the ambulance as he was rushed to the hospital.

He underwent a three-hour operation, during which his left leg was amputated and veins were re-attached to his sexual organs. However, the doctors’ attempts to save him were unsuccessful, and he died a few hours later.


Source: Brazilian teenager dies after penis bitten off by shark | The Citizen

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