Teen Shot and Killed by His Brother After an Argument Over a Honey Bun

A Fayette County, Tennesee, teenager was shot and killed after arguing with his brother over a honey bun and a small amount of money, according to investigators.

Officers responded to the report of a gunshot wound around 2:30 Wednesday afternoon.

Investigators found 18-year-old Marcus Jones dead from a gunshot wound on the scene. Deputies took 34-year-old Jerome Howse, the victim’s half-brother, into custody.

After a brief investigation, deputies determined the two brothers were arguing over a small amount of cash and a honey bun. Howse is currently in custody, he’s been charged with second-degree murder and felon in possession of a firearm.

Source: Mid-South teen shot and killed by his brother after an argument over a honey bun | FOX13

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