Crocodile Eats Terrier that Spent a Decade Taunting it

A crocodile in Australia reportedly ate a terrier that had been taunting it for a decade, usually in the presence on onlookers.

Pippa was being watched by its owner and a group of onlookers when she ran up to the crocodile’s head. The crocodile then snapped, grabbing the dog and dragging it into the water. The owner, Kai Hansen, says that it was “bound to happen” sometime, as the dog had been messing with the crocodile for years.

Hansen and experts agree that the crocodile was only doing what natural and should not be put down. After an outcry against the owner, wondering why he allowed the dog to get so close, Hansen maintained that it was only part of the dog’s nature to chase the crocodile.

Source: Crocodile eats beloved terrier that had spent a decade taunting it – ABC News (Australian Broadcasting Corporation)

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