Courtney Love Accused of Plot to Kill Former Son-in-Law

Courtney Love has been accused of plotting to have her daughter’s ex-husband killed in a bid to retrieve a guitar that belonged to Kurt Cobain. Isaiah Silva, a musician, was married to Frances Bean Cobain, Love and Cobain’s only child, from 2014. Cobain filed for divorce in March 2016.

Under the terms of their divorce, Silva was entitled to keep a highly valuable 1959 Martin D-18E guitar the Nirvana frontman played during an MTV ‘Unplugged’ performance in 1993. During the divorce proceedings, Miss Cobain had argued the guitar should remain in her family, but Silva successfully claimed it was his as she had given it to him as a gift.

Now Silva, 33, has alleged that Love, her manager Sam Lutfi and a group of men attempted to kidnap and kill him in June 2016 to get the guitar back. He filed a 329-page civil suit in a Los Angeles court seeking unspecified damages.

Love and her co-defendants are understood to be ready to fight “all the way” over the allegations.

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