South Carolina Lottery Says No Prize for 71,000 ‘Winning’ Tickets 

The South Carolina Education Lottery says players who thought they won $500 from a December 2017 game, will not receive their winnings.

Lottery officials announced in a press release Wednesday that anyone who purchased a Holiday Cash Add A Play ticket on December 25, 2017, between 5:51 p.m. until the close of the game at 7:53 p.m. that depicted nine tree symbols will receive a refund for the ticket. Those ticket holders will not receive the winnings because officials say the tickets were “erroneously produced.”

“This decision is required by South Carolina Code Section 59-150-230(C)(3)(a) which provides that prizes arising from a ticket produced or issued in error must not be paid,” the release states.

Approximately 71,000 winning tickets were printed in error, “which were incorrectly recognized as a $500 winning play.”

Source: South Carolina lottery says no prize for 71,000 ‘winning’ tickets – WBTW

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