Mother Claims IHOP Discriminated Against Her Son Who Was Born Without Arms

A family claims a manager at an IHOP restaurant in Arkansas discriminated against her 3-year-old son who was born without arms. Alexis Bancroft said her son, William, learned how to feed himself by sitting on the table and using his feet.

While the family was dining at an IHOP in Hot Springs, the manager took issue with the technique, saying William was not allowed to sit on the table and use his toes to grip the syrup bottles because it created a health hazard. “He’s three years old. That’s all he knows,” Bancroft said, “That’s what he was taught from therapy.”

Bancroft said she washed William’s feet as soon as they got to the restaurant. She said she asked the general manager if she asks all customers if their hands are clean before they touch the syrup bottles. The manager reportedly apologized to Bancroft but it was too late. “She was the one who discriminated against my son for having a physical disability,” Bancroft said.

The manager was reportedly placed on leave following the incident.

Source: Mother claims IHOP discriminated against her 3-year-old son who was born without arms – NY Daily News]

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