USGS Warns People Not to Roast Marshmallows over Erupting Hawaii Volcano

In a reply to a twitter user Monday, the USGS warned that it would not be a good idea to roast marshmallows over the erupting volcano in Hawaii.

USGS told the user that in addition to the dangers of being near the volcano, the sulfur rising from the vents would make the marshmallow taste bad, and the reaction between the sugar in the marshmallow and the sulfuric acid could prove to be explosive.

In addition to the marshmallow warning, the USGS has issued a warning for the volcano — the highest alert-level possible that means a “hazardous eruption is imminent, underway or suspected.” The agency had also issued a red-level aviation code, which warns an eruption is imminent or underway with significant volcanic ash and plume in the air.

Source: USGS: Don’t Roast Marshmallows Over Hawaii Volcano | Time

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