A car exploded in Woodlawn, Maryland, Thursday morning when a man sprayed aerosol deodorant inside and then lit a cigarette, officials say.

The impact blew the doors off, separated the roof from the top of the car and blew out the windshield. It also damaged a nearby car. Police say the man is lucky to be alive and conscious, although he was taken to the hospital with minor burns.

“The aerosolized deodorant was inside of the car, created a flammable atmosphere, which he was not aware of, and then when he lit his cigarette, he created a spark for the explosion to occur,” said battalion chief Rob Kemp of the Baltimore County Fire Department.

Police classify it as a “violent rumble” that shook the building, not an explosion because there was no fire.

Source: Man’s Car Explodes After He Sprays Aerosol Deodorant, Lights Cigarette « CBS Baltimore

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