Man Hires Homeless Man to Rape His Wife

A jury found a Tehachapi, California, man guilty of hiring a self-proclaimed homeless drug addict to rape his wife.

In March 2016 officers were called to a home. When they arrived, the victim described coming home from work and finding her husband, 58-year-old Russel Higgins, and a stranger she described as a younger black man.

She said they tied her up and forced her down on her bed, where the stranger raped her. She said she tried to struggle and bit her husband’s hand. His response: she said her husband told her to allow the suspect to continue the assault, otherwise it’d be bad for them, their children, and their grandchildren.

Reports show that her husband’s phone had rape-themed pornography, leading officers to believe Higgins acted out of sexual deviancy.

Haliki Green and Higgins were both convicted of several charges including rape and false imprisonment. Both are awaiting sentencing, where they could be put away for 50 years to life.

Source: [Man found guilty of hiring homeless man to rape his wife – WDTN]

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