Army Sgt. Steven Garcia,  a patrol supervisor with a military police unit, was told by his now-estranged wife, Marina Garcia, that she was pregnant.

Steven assumed he was the father, he told KVOA. Then, when Marina told him their daughter died at birth, he initially believed that, too

“It was pretty emotional. We cried quite a bit together over the phone,” Steven told the station. “It was devastating.” But the baby was born on Feb. 2 in Arizona. It was not fathered by Steven. While Marina, 31, tried to hide the truth from Steven and his family, police say she was conspiring to sell the little boy to a couple through Facebook Messenger.

Marina plead guilty in April to an attempted scheme to defraud, according to KVOA. She admitted to investigators that she conspired with the Hernandez couple and planned to travel to Texas after she recuperated from delivering the child to sign away her parental rights.

She will be sentenced in June.

Steven, who is divorcing his wife, is fighting for adoptive custody of baby Leo, who is in foster care.

Source: Soldier Steven Garcia tries for custody of baby wife tried to sell, cops say | Fort Worth Star-Telegram

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