A former student claims that he once saw his teacher have sex with a watermelon while the two were at the teacher’s home.

Damir Bulic, 46, is accused of 4 counts of performing an indecent act and 1 count of invite sexual touching, all allegedly involving the same male minor from Sept. 1, 2010 to Sept. 30, 2011, in southern Ontario, Canada. According to the student, he and Bulic frequently would have steaks and smoke together, talking about various subjects.

In addition to the watermelon incident, the student alleges that Bulic once masturbated on the hood of a car, recording the event. He went on to say that these events did not change the “friendship” between the two, and that he recognized that the relationship was more than just teacher-student.

Source: Teacher had sex with watermelon, ex-student claims | Sudbury Star


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