Amazon Customer Charged Thousands of Dollars for Shipping Toilet Paper

Two Amazon customers are complaining that they were charged outrageous prices to ship everyday household paper products. Georgia resident Barabara Carroll told ABC Atlanta affiliate WSB-TV that she was charged $7,000 after placing an order for toilet paper in March.

Carroll said she placed an order for three boxes of toilet paper to be delivered to her home, she told WSB-TV. When she checked her bank statement days later, she noticed a charged for more than $7,500, she said. Carroll then checked her order history on the site, which stated that the three cases of toilet paper cost $88.17, but the shipping was a whopping $7,455, she told WSB-TV.

Though she was shocked, Carroll figured Amazon’s customer service would take care of the mix-up. However, Carroll said Amazon did not refund her the money because she purchased the toilet paper from a third-party seller. Amazon said Carroll was refunded.

Source: Amazon customer says she was charged over $7K to ship toilet paper – ABC News

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