Air Force Asking for Help after Losing Grenade Rounds in North Dakota

The U.S. Air Force is asking for help from the public after they lost a box of grenade rounds from a Humvee in North Dakota.

The grenade rounds were being transported between missile sites when rough roads bounced the box out of the truck. It is considered to be safe, so long as the container is not opened or damaged. The grenade rounds are used for the MK19 machine gun grenade launcher, but will not work in any other launching device. The container weighs about 42 pounds.

The Washington Post reports that the same military base says they are now missing a M-240 7.62 caliber machine gun in addition to the grenades. They have not said how they lost the weapon.

Source: Air Force loses box of grenade rounds in North Dakota. It wants them back. – Twin Cities

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