United Airlines Allegedly Ejects Passenger for ‘Pungent’ Odor 

A Nigerian passenger has filed a civil rights lawsuit alleging that United Airlines personnel ejected her and her children from an international flight departing from Houston in 2016 because of her “pungent” odor.

The woman says in a federal discrimination suit filed in Houston Friday that she and her minor children were boarding a San Francisco bound plane when an incident occurred. United Airlines representatives said they would not comment.

According to court documents, Queen Obioma was traveling from Lagos, Nigeria, to Ontario, Canada, on March 4, 2016, where her children were going to school.

Obioma says in the lawsuit that she was informed that a passenger was not comfortable flying with her because she was “pungent” and informed that she could not return to the plane. Distraught, the woman explained that her children were still on board. United agents removed the children from the flight as well, and they made their connection five hours later.

Obioma says United discriminated against her because she is black, African and Nigerian. She is seeking punitive damages and attorney’s fees.

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