Infant Twins Dead After Being Left in Car 

Five-month-old twins died after they were found unresponsive in the backseat of their parents’ car Thursday night in Virginia, officials told the Richmond Times-Dispatch.

The twins had reportedly been left there for an extended period of time, but Chesterfield Police Maj. Frank Carpenter would not tell the Times-Dispatch exactly how long, citing an ongoing investigation, nor would he release a temperature recorded inside the car. The high for the day near Chesterfield was around 87 degrees.

Chesterfield Fire & EMS spokesperson Jason Elmore told the Times-Dispatch it was about 2:30 p.m. Thursday when rescuers were called to a home in Chesterfield, Va., where they found infant twins in cardiac arrest. The two babies, one girl and one boy,  were transported to the hospital, where both were pronounced dead within hours.

An investigation has begun, but Carpenter told the Times-Dispatch he did not believe the children were left on purpose. “It wasn’t intentional,” he told the paper. “We believe it was truly an accident.”

Source: Infant twins dead after being left in car in Chesterfield, VA | Miami Herald

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