A French family of three managed to escape a coalition of hungry cheetahs unscathed after they exited their vehicle to snap pictures of the wild animals in the Netherlands. The moment was caught on tape.

The video shows the family leaving their car and climbing a small hill to take pictures of the creatures. The cats are ready to pounce. A group of tourists in the car behind them, who captured the terrifying encounter on video, gasp and yell as they watched the cats surround the family.

As the cheetahs start to circle, the man runs and the woman is seen picking up the child, stopping to stare at one of the wild cats before quickly walking away. One of the cheetahs follows closely behind, lunging at the family as they scramble to get back inside their car.

Fortunately, the family makes it just in time.

A park spokesman told the station visitors are instructed never to leave their vehicles and warned about the dangers of interacting with wild animals.

Source: Cheetahs chase tourists at Dutch safari park after family gets out of car to snap pictures | Fox News

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