Singer Sued by Woman Who Says She Was Raped at His Home

A young woman alleges that she was sexually assaulted and held against her will at singer Chris Brown’s California home. Both Brown and Young Lo (real name: Lowell Grissom) are named in a lawsuit that was filed Wednesday morning.

According to the unidentified woman’s attorney, Gloria Allred, this is “one of the most horrific sexual assault cases that I have ever seen.” During a press conference in Los Angeles, Allred recounted what allegedly happened between the night of Feb. 23 and the early morning of Feb. 24 of last year when the plaintiff attended a concert.

Allred said her client was invited to attend an after-party at a recording studio with Brown and Young Lo, when her phone was confiscated. “She was forced to go to Brown’s home,” Allred said, where the singer provided guests with alcohol and illegal drugs that included cocaine, marijuana, and molly.

At one point in the evening/early morning, the plaintiff said she was confined to a bedroom where she became the victim of what Allred described as a “horrific sexual assault.” Brown is not named as the rapist. Allred said that the singer may have pushed a sofa in front of the bedroom door so that the woman was unable to escape.

Source: Chris Brown Sued by Woman Who Says She Was Raped at His Home

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