Katie Holley of Melbourne, Florida, was awakened by the feeling of something falling into her ear. Still disoriented, she rushed to the bathroom, grabbed a cotton swab and slowly stuck it inside her ear. And then Holley felt something move. It was like a “rhythmic” movement, she recalled as if whatever that thing was trying to burrow deeper into her ear canal.

Her husband, Jordan Holley managed to pull out a couple of legs using a pair of tweezers, but the intrepid bug had crawled too deep. The couple went to the ER where a nurse injected the bug with the anesthetic Lidocaine to try to kill it. Holley said she felt the roach move, twitching and wriggling further into her ear as it tried to avoid death. Two minutes later, it stopped moving.

A doctor pulled out chunks of the dead roach and Holley saw what she thought was the remains of a small insect. Nine days passed, but Holley’s ear still didn’t feel normal. It was still numb, she said, and she felt some discomfort every time she yawned.

An ENT doctor then extracted a head, a torso, limbs and long antennae of what looked like a fully grown palmetto bug.

For nine days, much of the dead roach sat in Holley’s ear.

Source: A cockroach crawled into a woman’s ear. It took 9 days to get it out | PennLive.com

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