Teacher Tells 3rd Grader to Commit Suicide 

A Columbia, South Carolina, Montessori teacher’s comment sparked controversy, after telling a 3rd grader to commit suicide over an earache.

Parents are now pulling their children out of the school. “We don’t find any humor in suicide,” said Shandi Wallace, the mother of the 3rd grader who reported the disturbing comment. Last Wednesday, she says her daughter was troubled by a comment made by her language teacher.

“[My daughter] said, ‘I told him I had an earache and I couldn’t hear because my ear was clogged, so I told him that, that I had an earache. Then he told me, ‘Commit suicide and it won’t hurt anymore’,” said Wallace.

Wallace says her daughter knew what the word meant. They lost a close family friend to suicide a few years ago. She reached out to other parents to see if their children heard the same thing, and they did. She says she immediately reported what happened to the Head of School.

In a statement to News 19, the school said in part, “We deeply regret the comment made by a teacher to one of our students. Though the teacher said he was joking, the comment was wrong, thoughtless, and contrary to the values we teach. We have instructed the teacher to remain home until further notice.”

Source: wltx.com | Columbia Montessori Teacher Tells 3rd Grader To Commit Suicide Over Earache

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