Russian opposition leader Alexei Navalny and over 1,000 people were detained by police Saturday shortly after arriving at a protest against President Vladimir Putin in Moscow, his official Facebook page said. Navalny’s team, which organized the protest in Moscow and several other cities in Russia, told CNN he was detained shortly after arriving at central Pushkinskaya Square in the Russian capital.

Putin will be inaugurated Monday as President of Russia for the fourth time, having overwhelmingly won re-election in March.

Protesters chanted “shame” and “Putin is a thief” as they marched through Moscow on Saturday, some carrying placards or Russian flags. When they chanted “we’re fed up,” one elderly man said, “I was fed up 10 years ago.”

A police helicopter hovered low over the demonstration to survey the scene. At one point a red smoke flare was set off in the crowd. A heavy police presence could be seen near Pushkinskaya Square, with riot police and buses standing by. A CNN team saw police officers trying to disperse protesters and escorting them out.
City officials had not authorized the protest in Pushkinskaya Square. The Navalny campaign had been offered another location away from the city center but went ahead at the unauthorized venue.
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