Director Michael Anderson, who was Oscar-nominated for his role in bringing to life the epic film “Around The World in 80 Days” and later was behind the cameras for the sci-fi classic “Logan’s Run”, has died. Anderson passed away at his home in Canada of heart disease. He was 98. 

Anderson had a long film career, directing such war movies as “The Dam Busters” (which the British Film Institute named one of the best British films of the 20th century), “The Yangtse Incident”, “Operation Crossbow” , “The Wreck of the Mary Deare”, “The Quiller Memorandum”, “Chase a Crooked Shadow” and “The Shoes of the Fisherman.”

Source: http://deadline.com/2018/04/michael-anderson-dies-oscar-nominated-film-director-was-98-1202378772/

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