Woman Delivers Own Baby Using YouTube

A new mother from Tennessee was able to deliver her own baby when she was alone in a hotel room overseas in Istanbul, Turkey, thanks to YouTube. 

Tia Freeman, 22, was flying from Tennessee to Turkey when she began to feel ill. “I was like, ‘I’ll just sleep it off, sleep cures everything,'” Freeman said. “So I go to sleep and wake up as we’re landing and I notice my cramps have gotten astronomically worse.” Freeman is a vegetarian and thought an in-flight meal might be the cause of her sickness. Soon she realized it was not, in fact, food poisoning, according to People. 

Freeman just barely made it to her hotel before realizing her stomach pain was actually contractions. Alone in a foreign country and with no idea how to get to a hospital, Freeman looked up how to deliver a baby on YouTube.

The baby boy was delivered after she pushed just five times. A WikiHow article walked her through how to cut the child’s umbilical cord. She used shoelaces and a pocketknife that she sterilized in an electronic tea kettle.

Source: http://www.wcvb.com/article/woman-who-thought-she-had-food-poisoning-delivers-own-baby-in-hotel-using-youtube/20082470

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