A 45-year-old Delta passenger flying from London to Salt Lake City toppled a drink cart as she raced up and down the plane’s aisle.  She also threw her coffee into the air before she was cuffed for leaping on the back of an air marshal.

Sara Maria Beach “disrupted the flight with numerous actions” and was charged on Friday with misdemeanor assault of a federal air officer following her Thursday tantrum, according to the criminal complaint cited by Fox 13.

The rowdy passenger was “initially calm with marshals and was escorted to the bathroom three times,” according to court documents. But after the third time “she jumped onto the back of one of the air marshals and placed her hands on his head neck and jawline.”

Another nearby marshal pulled her off and put handcuffs on her, which she remained in for the remainder of the flight.

Beach could face up to a year in federal prison if convicted.

Source: Delta passenger throws coffee, attacks air marshal during flight – NY Daily News

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