Rape Suspect Says He’s Innocent Because He’s ‘Good-Looking’ and Accuser ‘is 300 Pounds’

A Northern California man representing himself in his rape trial told the judge Thursday he wouldn’t have pursued the alleged victim by saying he’s a “good-looking guy” and his accuser weighs “300 pounds, no exaggeration,” according to local reports. 

Boxing instructor Izell Lewis, 26, a resident of Marin County, also denied that he masturbated in front of an Uber driver last month while out on bail in the rape case, a local newspaper reported.

Lewis, who faces charges in that incident as well, insisted on invoking his right to self-representation, even after Judge Andrew Sweet thoroughly informed him of the ramifications and risks of the decision. The alleged rape took place in a stairwell at the Corte Madera Town Center. Prosecutors said the victim also worked at that mall.

He faces up to eight years in prison.

Source: http://www.foxnews.com/us/2018/04/18/rape-suspect-professes-innocence-notes-that-accuser-weighs-300-pounds-no-exaggeration-reports.html

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