Controversy was ignited in Canada after it was discovered that a woman gave a boy a homeopathic pill made from rabid dog’s saliva, leading to questions about the country’s homeopathy approval process.

The pill was given to a 4-year-old who had behavioral problems, growling and hiding underneath tables. The woman who gave the pill says that she suspected the behavior came from a previous dog bite incident.

She gave him two pellets of lyssinum, which claimed to contain the infected saliva, made by a pharmacy in the UK and which is approved by Health Canada. She then claimed that the boy lit up, and his behavioral problems appeared to be rectified.

The woman claims that there was no risk to the boy because of the process used to make the pills, saying that it would have been completely diluted.

Source: Uproar in Canada after homeopath gives boy pill made from rabid dog’s saliva | World news | The Guardian


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