Teacher Expected to be Fired After Making Breakfast for Students

A teacher at a Pennsylvania middle school is expected to be fired after he made pancakes for his students during their state testing.

Hand Middle School teacher Kyle Byler brought an electric griddle and made a whole-grain pancake for each student to eat during the test. He was then later notified by the school board that he would be fired for causing a distraction during the tests, and was subsequently suspended without pay. His firing is to be considered in a meeting this week.

Byler says that he did nothing wrong, stating, “I don’t understand what I did wrong, to be honest with you. There was no infraction whatsoever. At no point was it any distraction for any of the students. They worked their butts off.”

His students have also come to his aid, protesting for two hours outside the school. Many of the students Byler teaches also reportedly come from economically challenged families, and the meal may have been the only hot meal they received that day.

Source: Teacher expected to be fired for making students breakfast during state testing | fox8.com

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