Mariah Carey faces a possible breach of contract lawsuit in addition to sexual harassment by her ex-manager who describes her as a “train wreck” with major substance abuse issues.

Stella Bulochnikov, who was fired by Carey in November 2017, said in filings intended as the initial step to a lawsuit that Carey sexually harassed her by being constantly nude in her presence, and had performed sexual acts in front of her, TMZ reported.

Bulochnikov’s lawyer, Pierce O’Donnell, told reported that Carey is “addicted to alcohol, prescription pills and marijuana.” He said Carey’s revelation last week that she has bipolar disorder was misleading since “the reason that she is in the position she is in now is she refused to take her medication.”

O’Donnell said if Carey doesn’t agree to a settlement, Bulochnikov would proceed with a “blockbuster expose lawsuit” that will reveal sordid details. Bulochnikov said she was in the middle of a three-year contract with Carey.

“Stella Bulochnikov was terminated from employment as Mariah’s manager due to failure to perform her job effectively and ill-serving her client. Stella was not under contract for employment,” the representative. O’Donnell said Carey owes his client millions in unpaid commissions and said Bulochnikov was a partner in a production company with pending projects worth over $100 million.

Source: Mariah Carey’s ex-manager threatens harassment suit

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