A Southwest Airlines plane has made an emergency landing at Philadelphia International Airport after an engine blew out as the plane left LaGuardia Airport in New York on Tuesday morning.

A female passenger was partially sucked out of the plane when the window imploded.

A passenger’s father told NBC10, “One passenger, a woman, was partially drawn out of the plane and was pulled back in by other passengers,” he said in a phone interview with NBC10.

The plane landed safely and taxied to a remote area of the runway where passengers were taken off. Officials say there were multiple injuries, and at least one person has died.

Marty Martinez, a passenger on the plane, posted a Facebook Live during the emergency landing.

“Something is wrong with our plane! It appears we are going down! Emergency landing!! Southwest flight from NYC to Dallas!!” he wrote.

Martinez posted on Facebook that one of the windows shattered after the engine blew out.

“Flight attendants ran over calling for passengers to help cover the hole as they broke down and began uncontrollably crying and looking horrified as they looked outside. The plane dropped dramatically and it smelled like fire with ash coming down on everyone thru the vents. Absolutely terrifying, but we are okay,” Martinez wrote.

The plane was flying from LaGuardia Airport to Dallas.

Source: Southwest Airlines Plane Makes Emergency Landing At Philadelphia International Airport « CBS Philly

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