Argument Over Slim Jim Leads to Shooting

Police are investigating a shooting at a Houston gas station on Wednesday where the owner allegedly shot a customer during an argument over a Slim Jim beef snack.

The gas station owner, Mohammed Kahloon, accused the male customer, Cameron Carson, 25, of stealing the $1.99 beef stick and shot him in the leg during the argument, police said.

“This guy came running out of the store while I’m pumping gas yelling, ‘You didn’t pay for that Slim Jim,’” witness Kenny Allen told KTRK-TV. “(Carson) said, ‘I did pay for the Slim Jim.’ The next thing you know, this guy reaches in his back, pulls out his gun and shoots him.”

Allen was traveling with Carson and said his friend pushed Kahloon when the store owner got in his face for paying about $1 for the Slim Jim, arguing he should have been paid $2.15. Carson underwent surgery at Ben Taub Hospital and was expected to survive, police said.

Kahloon was taken in to talk with investigators, KTRK-TV reported. It wasn’t clear if he will face charges.

Source: Beef over a Slim Jim prompts gas station owner to shoot customer, cops say | Fox News

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